"I've finally broke free" isn't Past Participle?

Hey everyone…
I just need to decipher this:
“This feeling inside me. Finally found my love, I’ve finally broke free.” This is a part of a Dream Theater’s song called “Finally Free”. The thing here is that I don’t understand why the highlighted part above is not conjugated as in Past Participle. Because for me it would be like this, “I’ve finally broken free”. But maybe that part is not gramatically correct, even so has a different meaning if you put it in that way. However, if anyone here can enlighten me I’ll appreciate it very much so. Thanks!


You have to accept that popular songs don’t always follow the ‘rules’ of grammar.


Thank you Alan. Nevertheless, I’d like to know the reason why music stars don’t follow grammar rules. Is it possible to speak that way and people would even understand?

Hi Sergio,

There are number of reasons why pop musicians create ‘their own grammar rules’. Sometimes those musicians want to show the world how free and independent they are. You can find lots of pop song lyrics that contain at least one phrase that doesn’t follow standard grammar rules.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hey,can you tell me what the meaning of ‘‘break free’’ means ?Have you ever listen to the song ‘‘breaking free’’ ?It is so interesting,Isn’t it

To break free means to become independent and to take your life in your own hands.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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