I've decided...

I have a sentence:
I’ve decided to…chocolate in the New Year.
The possible answers are:

  1. Give up
  2. look after
    Which both seem to be correct. So…which one is right?

“give up” (meaning stop eating) is the correct answer.

It’s hard to think of any situation in which “look after” would make sense in that sentence.

But don’t you usually say “give up on smth”?

“give up on sth” and “give up sth” are both possible, but their usages are slightly different.

“give up on” usually means to abandon something because it is not working properly or does not seem worthwhile: “I’ve wasted enough time on this idea; I’m giving up on it.”

“give up” has several meanings, but the one relevant here is to cease some habit or activity: “give up drinking”, “give up smoking”, “give up (eating) chocolate”.