It's pen pals for the internet generation.?

Here is the first sentence of an article that was published in the UK in the “The Linguist”. I can’t get rid of the impression that there is something missing here:

It’s pen pals for the internet generation.

What do you think?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten

It seems complete enough to me. It’s just extremely short.

What do you find irritating? The “pen pals” part?


Hi Torsten and Amy,

How about capitalising Internet?


In view of the fact that there is more than one internet and also that the word functions as an adjective rather than a noun in the sentence, capitalization doesn’t seem necessary to me.

Hi Torsten,

Possibly it’s the ambiguity of:

that makes it unsatisfactory for you. In all honesty I don’t know precisely what the writer is on about.


Just one particular quote about capitalising words:


According to the Oxford English Dictionary, ‘Internet’ is now usually capitalised. The Oxford Dictionary of English tells us that ‘Internet’ ought to be capitalised. There is, however, a mention in the great OED about ‘internet’ being used as an adjective. So I suppose you’re right, Amy.


That’s right, Alan. I don’t know what it is in this sentence. Also, what pen pals is the author referring to and who belongs to the Internet generation? Grammatically, everything seems fine but it’s a bit like saying It’s cookies for the kids.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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I’m sure at all, but just in case:

P.S. EDIT: I’m not sure.

Hi Tamara, what do you mean by I’m sure at all? That you are very sure or not sure at all?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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I’m not sure at all.
Sorry my carelessness.

Hi Tamara,

What about looking words up in a dictionary when you feel uncertain? That’s what I do every once in a while.


Hi Alan

I agree with you about the ambiguity. Maybe it’s context that’s missing. :?


Englishuser, if you mean my typo (missing ‘not’), I don’t still have a proper dictionary to avoid them :slight_smile:

If you mean internet generation - even though I looked up at Wikipedia, I’m not sure if the (‘term’'s) definition is suitable for the above case.

I think we ought to give a prize to anyone who gives a satisfactory explanation. My problem is how you can relate the Internet to penpals. To me penpals belong to an entirely different generation from that brought up on the Internet. Somehow penpalery and internetery are to me poles apart. I mean after all penpals are part of my generation and as Haihao pointed out I would rank as a great uncle. I’m still smarting from that!! And who knows how old Canadfian 45 is?


Hi Tamara,

Hope you got the little barb from Englis huser! My goodness, whatever next?


Hi Tamara,

Just a smiley? Don’t know what that means.


A smiley is just a smiley.
Just to say that I’m not a serious and devoted barb-collector. And never have been.
Sorry. :slight_smile:

I have to admit that my understanding of this little nugget of a sentence (as far as the understanding went, that is) was that something made possible by technology today is being compared to the penpalery of yesteryear. 8)

Hi Tamara,

I meant your spelling of ‘internet generation’. I’m not worried about typos, but I think dictionaries are good when we want to know how a word is spelt or pronounced, or when we’re uncertain about its meaning.

I didn’t mean to offend you. I just thought I could make a good and helpful suggestion. I’m sorry for underestimating you - I realise by now that you already consult appropriate works of reference.