It's ok vs ok

I asked my son who is traveling in Taiwan if he wanted his aunt to visit him in the hotel, he answered “it’s ok.”

  1. Does it mean, no, thank you or yes, she can come?
  2. I think “It’s ok” is a polite no, whereas “ok” a definite yes.
  3. Am I right?


Right, when someone makes an offer or suggestion, a reply of “It’s OK” does usually indicate a polite refusal. Tone of voice also often helps to indicate that one is declining an offer. However, is your son a native English speaker? (I’m just thinking that if he isn’t then he might not be aware of this subtlety.)

Yes, he was born here. I was confused by the 2 expressions long time ago but finally I got it. Thanks.

Thank you very much. He is a native speaker.