It's flavia from Italy!

Hi everyone!
my name’s Flavia, I’m 23 and I’ve to go through the TOEFL in…mmm 8days, and let me tell you, I’m freaking out!! Honestly what scares me the most is the speaking part because I’m not really able to think about an answer and what to say in 15seconds! What if I stop? What if I need to correct myself?
This test is a big deal to me (I’ve to get at least 90) so I’m super worried!
I’m studying only on the ETS book…any other suggestions?>

Talking about something else… mm I love travelling and going to the movies! I like hanging out with friends and everyone thinks that I’m some kind of chatter box!!

Nice to meet you all =)

ps of course, feel free to correct my mistakes everytime!! :smiley:

Hello Flavia,

I am a teacher, but I believe you can pass it easily, do not be afraid. Me too I am working my English all days and sometimes I think I never understand the specific English’s rules.

I think there is only one way to improve our levels it’s to read and listening a lot of texts.

For me English is like a tunnel you go into and after you have still the feeling to not know English, it’s very hard to integrate all exceptions, but do not give up.

One question, why you choise to pass teh TOEFL test?

Sorry for my mistakes, but I don’t write often in English.

See you soon and have a nice day. :slight_smile:

don’t worry about the test. When I took the IBT first, I just got a grade of 72. It’s my failure. I confront the same problem with you. My reading in english is very good but in the speaking part I am so weak. So I have to practice evryday and everyday!