Its as a possessive pronoun?

“My friends and I are now driving to my hometown. This is our second longest summer vacation since we left our university and we have enjoyed every single minute of it.

Should we say “every single minute of its” instead? Because I think we need a possessive pronoun here (its) to replace the already mentioned “summer vacation”. It’s just like when we say “the books of mine”, “the computer of yours”.

What makes me even more surprised here is the fact that I googled the phrase “every single minute of it” and it appears EVERYWHERE which means it’s a very popular phrase. I continued to google “every single minute of its” and guess what, NOONE uses that! I’m really confused!

However, I don’t really consider Google search results to be a reliable source. I want to hear your opinion on this, between the two phrases, which is more grammatically correct?

Every single minute of it
is correct.

You don’t need a possessive pronoun (nothing is possessed by the vacation). You need an objective personal pronoun to use instead of ‘vacation’ - you are talking about one particular summer vacation, so you need the singular form ‘it’.

Thanks for your prompt response, Beeesneees.

However, I think that “every single minute” does belong to the vacation. If not, then why do we use the possessive preposition “of”?

Hi Atomos,

We use ‘of’ after a count noun and before an uncount noun when we want to talk about an individual piece or item.

In this example, the individual minutes of the vacation.

Other examples:
slice of bread
hour of the day
blade of grass
piece of cake
stick of chalk

Thanks, it’s very clear now :slight_smile:

Although I think your explanation makes sense, I’ve noticed that some of your examples does have count noun after “of” (day, cake, vacation). Does it make any difference?

I guess I didn’t choose my examples very carefully. :slight_smile:

I don’t think it makes a difference to the use of ‘of’ here though.

please anybody can explain to me the uses of “it” as pronoun,I have no idea about it at all and I want to know,please anybody if you can.

Well, you obviously have some idea, as you have used ‘it’ perfectly there.

‘It’ as a pronoun has a number of uses.
oxfordadvancedlearnersdictio … onary/it_2