It might seem illogical that

It might seem illogical that the development of modern currency rests on a scientific discovery, but the invention of the touchstone allowed ancient societies to create a standard by which valuable metals could be judged.

  1. I can’t would out what does the bold part suggest. Could someone please explain it to me?

Her songs are by far the most creative and individualistic of the cycle.

  1. What does “by far” mean?


In my view, the ’development of modern currency’ in question (=the one that you are talking about at the present time) deals with ancient methods of separating pure silver/gold serving as a currency. Improved with the progress of technology, those methods made it possible to create a standard of valuable metals ( free of mixtures).

‘by far’ =her songs have much more of creativity and individuality than the other songs

What does “rests” suggest?

“rest on something-- to be based on something” … sh/rest-on

A good idea to consult a dictionary, eh? :wink: