It: It is this thing which disturbed me

Dear teachers,

Please choose the correct sentences:

  1. It is this thing which disturbed me.
  2. It is this thing that disturbed me.
    3.It is it which disturbed me.
    4.It is it that disturbed me.
    Is there a rule?



I sometimes think we are the students and you are the teacher.

Why don’t you ever commit yourself and say which one you think is correct?


I think 1, 2 are correct, 3, 4 are acceptable. How about you?

I have a few questions, Quoc.

  1. How does your class work? Does your teacher simply write things on the blackboard without any explanation whatsoever and then tell you that you should research the answers?

  2. Are you asking us to do your homework for you?

  3. How long have you been learning English?



I think 3 and 4 are distinctly odd. Where did you find them?


Dear teacher,

  1. Yes, my teacher only wrote on the blackboard.

  2. I have learned E for 1 years.

  3. These sentences are from my teacher.

  4. they’re not homework. They’re what my teacher wrote on the blackboard but I doubt.



What is the procedure then? Your teacher writes stuff on the board and what does she say to you when she’s done that? Does she tell you to do somehting with what she has written?