It is used or is used, please help me

  1. English has become a second language in Singapore , India and other countries where is used/ it is used for administration, broadcasting, ang education.

  2. We studied hard, we all easily passed/ passed easily.

  3. The bad news is very worried/ worrying. Why???

  4. Nam wants to go to the party bur he can’t so he’s annying/ annoyed.

  5. I often read in bed.


Hi Tuyet,
you brought up interesting grammar questions. Hope you don´t mind if I as learner, too, added my humble opinion:

  1. English has become a(the) second language in Singapore,India and other countries where IT (the English language) is used for administration, broadcasting and education.

2, We studied hard. (Hence) we all easily passed (the exam) / Hence we all passed easily.(not mentioning the exam particularly)

  1. The bad news is very worrying. Worried would imply that the news is worried. Worrying implies that the news made people worried.

  2. I would rephrase your sentence to: Nam wants to go to the party. As s/he is tied with business s/he feels annoyed, (upset, angry sad…)

  3. I often read in bed. pretty correct

This is my suggestion. Let´s see who of them teachers bops me on the head for giving bad advice.:blush:


Ha, no bops here! Your revision of #4 is fine, but if you want to stick closer to Tuyet’s original, this is also possible:

Nam wants to go to the party, but he can’t, so he’s annoyed.

This is a compound sentence made up of three separate independent clauses connected by the “FANBOYS” conjunctions along with commas.


Thanks for clarification, Luschen. As for my apology you must know: I am German. We need borders and seperations all around us. Lol, simple things is a cruelty to us :grin:


As a German, have you ever heard of my last name Luschen used as a slang term in Germany?


Hello Luschen, yes I know your name as a slang-word. Though I am not sure whether you enjoyed the meaning. In German the “u” in your name is pronounced like “ou” in you, just pretty fast spoken out.

#1-“Luschen” is plural of the word “Lusche” which names either a card in a card game called “Skat”.
“Luschen” are low rated and are worthless counting the points after finishing a game and calculating the winner. It are that cards named 7-9 from clubs to diamond.

#2-And here is the less satisfying meaning: Similar to those low rated cards in Skat “Lusche” names a worthless, unskillfull person being considered of no or only low effect on the society. :open_mouth:

Oh, please don´t hate me. You wanted to know all. :grinning:

#3-Though, I assume you pronounce the “u” as in b"u"t. And in this case it has the meaning of clip or lug. Which is a very useful ob(sub)ject.

Considerring your actions here I´d stick to answer #3 . Anyway, in any case you seem not single.


No, we pronounce it “ou” like in “you” :stuck_out_tongue:


o-ooo :roll_eyes:, what can I say? Be your own kind of beautiful?:smirk: