It is more important to work at a job that you enjoy than it is to earn a lot of

Generally, some people prefer to work in some work place where they can earn a lot of money, others prefer to work in that job where they can enjoy their work time. In my opinion, each one supports other. Since, if I am working in some companies where I am getting pleasure from that job but have a small amount of payment, I will not want to work in that place. In the following paragraphs I will describe several reasons and examples for supporting my idea.
First and foremost, I would like to emphasize that the most of people in the teen life, when they graduate from High School, they start to think about their future, about who they want to be. In same time, when they choosing which type of job will be best for them, they think about money too. For example, when I was in 10th grade, I realized that who I want to be and I began to prepare myself for this. Also, I realize how can be bad to work in some companies with small amount of payment. It is mean; the job which I choose is perfect job for me where I can earn a lot of money. In my opinion every person by choosing job they interesting on how much money they can earn from that type of job.
Furthermore, I want to depict a situation with what can face every person by choosing wrong job. If we get a good job with poor wages, or vice versa, get a job that we do not like but well paid it all be a problem for us. Since, everybody working for getting some money and everybody wants to have a beautiful life. I think for creating a beautiful life we need to have money. When we have a lot of money, we can have some relaxation and also create all conveniences for own family. As we know, the money for today is very important thing in our life. Whatever we want to do, anything which we want to buy, we have to spend money. I think that every person by choosing job, have to look at the both sides of that job.
On the other hand, I can tell that the job in which we working is a place where we can learn a lot. For example, my aunt works in PepsiCo Company. Everyday she faces with a lot of people in their company, she communicates with them and I remember sometimes when she came back from work, I saw how she was tired and aggressive. It is mean; the work is effects on our psychology. In my point of view, people need to understand meaning of perfect job for them and try to achieve that type of job.
In conclusion, I would like to stress that the some of people thinking only about money and they do not care about what type of job can be perfect for them. In my assessment, I think that every person has to try to find their perfect job, which means a job where we can have a good payment and the job where we can feel grateful.

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