It is in Queen street / it is in the Queen street ?

it is in Queen street / it is in the Queen street ? why cann’t we use (The) before Queen Street ?

What is the name the hotel where you’re staying?
The imperial, it is in Queen Street in the city center, it is near the station.

You don’t use articles with proper nouns.

The same way you don’t say I LIVE IN THE ENGLAND you don’t say It is in the Queen Street.

But we say

You live in the United States.

Why “the”?


the United States of America - because specific states are united under the name of one country. It’s a group and follows this rule:
Use the:
Before names of seas, rivers, chains of mountains, groups of islands and plural names of countries.
“the Pacific Ocean, the Thames, the Andes, the West Indies, the Netherlands”
(copied from )

And remember, Samy, that when you visit the United States,

you will need to say that you are staying downtown at the Imperial ON Queen Street, near the train station.

Respectfully yours,