it is important for families to regularly eat their meals together

In this modern society, the steps of life is becoming faster and faster. There is always endless work and meeting waiting people to deal with. Consequently, they don’t have affluent time for their families even just having a dinner together. However, recent researches indicate that having meals together regularly means a lot to families.

First of all, spending time on meals together regularly can help the harmony of families. In the meal time, people not only sit at table eating, but also communicating. They will influx family some happy mood by cracking some jokes or telling the interesting things happened to them in their work or study, and show their care for other family members, After all, all of us shoulder the different responsibilities in the life, which drive us running for them. Children need to attend school; bread earners have to work in order to make a life; housewives engage themselves to fight with dust, dirty laundry, stains and garden to make a better environment for family members. Therefore, the meal time is a perfect chance for all family members to communicate, and express their care for others.

In addition, it’s good for children’s healthy growth that all families have meal together regularly. To nurture a child, material providing such as food and clothes are essential but not adequate. During meal time, family members sit around and do the same thing in spite of the difference of their status in work. At this moment, children can feel the love directly from their parents’ eyes, smile and talking. Food can nurture their body, love can nurture their heart. A child, raised in love, will be a person also full with love in his/her heart. Moreover, through talking in meal time, parents can learn what their child did in school, how they feel about school and class. They can take some measures to help their child grow healthily.

To sum up, having a meal together regularly means a great deal to families. It can improve the family harmony and help children’s growth.

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