It is better to travel in a group with a guided tour than travelling individually

Travelling is an indispensable part of recreational life. This is because lives these days have become so busy, and work schedules a so tough that every now and that one needs a break to rejuvenate himself. In the light of this, some people think it is better to travel in a group led by a tour guide; nevertheless others seek for an independent tour. In my perspective, the best way to travel is in a group led by a tour guide for a number of reasons.
First, these guided tours offer an organised schedule. This is because they charge us to save our time and make our travel experience more enjoyable. For example, last year when I travelled to Dubai for a meeting, I wanted to roam around Dubai to see the magnificent architecture and breathtaking landscape that make Dubai a special place. As I had only one free day to visit all the important places, I booked a one day guided tour from the hotel where I was staying. It was a six hours tour and they charged us $60. The bus containing almost 15 passengers left at 11 am sharp. As we sat in the bus, our guide who could speak English fluently gave us brochures which contained a detailed information about which places are we going to visit, how much time to spend at each place and at what time our bus will leave from there. As we moved through the city, he began to tell us about every place and building we were passing by. He took us to many important sight seeings like famous mosque in Dubai, largest skyscrapers, sandy beeches desert Safari. Lastly, he showed us Dubai creek and ancient Gold Souk market. i managed to reach back to my hotel on time. All in all, it was a delightful experience. So, if you take a guided tour, you are able to cover all the important places in a city in a short time due to set schedules.
Second, If you take a tour led by a guide, you will be better able to understand the history and culture especially of an ancient place. as the tour guides are experts who have all the information about the places they take you to. For instance, few months ago, My family planned to visit ancient places in China. We booked a tour with a famous tourism company. I remember when we visited the Great China Wall, the tour guide told us all the important information like who built built it, and what were the people who took part in construction, how many years took to construct this wall, what were the circumstances at that time etc. Due to this we were able to leran a lot about the history, culture, traditions and perspective of Chinese people at that time. As you can see, you get more knowledge if you take a guided tour.
In a nutshell, not only a guided tour is beneficial because it saves time due to set schedule, but also you are able to understand the history and culture of an area in a better way. I suggest one should always book a guided tour to get these advantages.

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Hi, another fantastic essay. A few minor issues, but nothing that interferes with my comprehension. Once again you have used very detailed examples and have a great word count. Overall, I would rate this one a 4.5 out of 5.