it is better people travel to their own country rather than foreign countries

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Do you agree or disagrees with the following statement:
People benefit more from traveling in their own country than form traveling to foreign country.

Nowadays traveling is easier than in the past because of the modern transportation system. As a result, people take trip more and more rather than ever. Some people are inclined toward the attitude that traveling to foreign countries is more beneficial than people travel in their own country, whereas others hold the opposite perspective. I personally, though, believe it is better that people travel to their own country in that not only does it improve their own country’s economic, but also people can be familiar more with their own country.
The first reason should be taken into consideration is that industrial traveling has different positive influences on country’s economic development. When persons travel to a city, a lot of jobs will create. Furthermore, if a city is visited by many people, it will attract various companies wanting to set down in that city. Consequently, unemployment rate will decrease. To elaborate on my point further, take the case of a city that is more appealing to be visited by a lot of tourists. People living in this city can produce some beautiful things as hand craft and buy them to the tourists coming to their city. Therefore, the industrial tourism creates job for the residence of this city.
A part from the points made above, no one can overlook the fact that traveling causes which people become familiar profoundly with their own country. In each country, there are many ancient places that people living on that country has not visited them so far. When they travel to their own country, they can see these places and know them. In addition, people can be familiar with culture and history of a place that they travel to. To illustrate further, consider a city that its residence speaks with a specific language and wear a special cloth. When visiting this city, not only can we learn a new language, but also we realize a new culture in our country.
To put it in a nutshell, I am of the opinion that people should travel to their own country instead of traveling to foreign countries. This is because people assist in developing their country’s economic, and they will be familiar with their culture and history of their country.

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Hi Samiraslh, unfortunately, I thought this essay was a little weaker than some of your other recent essays. Your examples were relevant, but they were pretty general, without many specifics, and thus they were not as convincing at they might have been. Also, you seemed to have a few more odd or confusing words and phrases in this one.