It easier for parents to rise children now, than 50 years ago.

It is easier for parents to raise their children now, than 50 years ago- is a type of question which can be answered in either way. People few take the side for and rests are against it. But, from my point of view, it is easier to raise children now. Because, World has advanced so immensely that it can provide the child at once what is required to him than the years ago.
Medical advancement has excelled to a new height to solve the most critical problems and facilitate the way of life of people. In the 50 years ago, children were died abundantly without treatment not only in serious diseases but merely in diarrhea, cholera and polio. Now parents are reassured that their children should be given vaccine immediately after birth and keep their children safe for the rest of the life. New development in medical sciences also helps to develop medicine that heal child in short time and with low cost.
Undernourishment was a common problem in 50 years ago. Now-a-days, there are rare incident that children are found with lack of nutrition. If any child after birth does not get lactated, he can be feed the marketed milk and other formulations to compensate the milk of mother. In early days, there were scarcity of food now world is sufficient to feed its survivor. So, parents have to take only mere care to grow their child.
Baby care center are not only common in developed country but also common in developing country. Earlier parents especially mother had to stay in home to take and grow his child. It created huge pressure on father to maintain family. Now-a-days, parents can grow their child in baby care center or by the maid. This allows parents to lead their normal life as well as caring their child. It provides the family self sufficiency and happiness.
To sum up, It is really easier now to raise a child then 50 years ago. As medical and food technology has provided the easiest way to grow their child without much tension of disease and lack of nutrition and Baby care center relieves the concern of parents when they are not at home.

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Hi Sakim, welcome to the forum; I thought your essay was pretty good. Your introduction seemed pretty weak, but the body paragraphs were much better. You did have a lot of odd sounding sentences, but generally your meaning was pretty clear. You have a lot of grammatical errors and some repetion in your words and phrases. Overall, I would rate this a 3.5 out of 5, which would correspond to about a 19-20 out of 30

Thank you for correction and your precious suggestion. It really inspires me to write more essay and post in this site.