Could anyone tell me what is the meaning of the word in subject?
It is the first time I meet it…
Does it mean "preavious2 ?

thanks for your help

Isleworth is a place in West London.

Where did you see this word? I’m curious about how it appeared to mean “previous” (if that’s what you meant to type).

Yes, of course it should be typed “previous”
I read it on an italian newspaper, today (corriere della sera) as follows:

"La Gioconda più giovane. Per la «Mona Lisa Fondation di Zurigo», la fondazione alla quale i proprietari hanno affidato il quadro perché venisse studiato, si tratterebbe della prima versione, abbozzata nel 1503 e rimasta incompiuta della celeberrima Monna Lisa di Leonardo. Presentata giovedì a Ginevra insieme a un libro di studi che ne sostiene l’attribuzione al genio toscano, eccola l’altra Gioconda da tempo battezzata la «Isleworth Mona Lisa» (o Monna Lisa anteriore)… "

The translation sounds strange to me. Or the wrong word is “isleworth” ??

Thanks a lot

Apparently “Isleworth Mona Lisa” is the name of a painting based on or similar to the original. It was once located in Isleworth when owned by an English art dealer, hence its name.

So, I thought correctly: Isleworth is where it was located, not the translation, as it could appear on the newspaper article…

Thank you very much, Dozy.