Islam and war

How many would you like me to know?

“298,444,215.00?” in case you want me to give you a number.

If your question about the number of Americans I would like you to know would have been “why I were interested in that”, my answer could have sounded that I have overlooked the ´[color=red]ly´ in your “most[color=red]ly” and I never had allowed me to ask you a sillly question which made you responding like “radio station Eriwan” ( I mean, with another question).

Nonetheless, you didn´t respond on my question.

hey all,
just wanted tio say that most Muslims know their religion well and do its orders.
the little you called them terrorists are small group of people who dont know Islam and are not muslims. I think other religions and other countries have their terrorists groups, it is not only Islam and you can see that by watching what happen in Iraq and palestine.
Proudly Muslim,

Because I think the question has no value in this debate. If you wanted to ask the question “How many Americans are/have you been in contact with regarding being critical of one’s own kind?”, I’d say a heck of a lot.

BTW, what was wrong with my “it is mostly Americans”?

Yes, we had three terrorist attacks last weekend, and not one of the attackers was Muslim. I live in The Basque Country.

As far as I can see it: there isn´t any gramatical mistake in your text and as for the context: I didn´t want to evaluate it´s truth. I just tried to mention it´s been me who was mistaken not having noticed the “[color=red]ly” so that I read “…it is most Americans who…” and came to wonder how many of them you know. Should I have insulted you I appologize for that.

We all make mistakes.

You really mean everyone did?