is to speak

  1. The President is to speak over Television tonight.
  2. The President is to speak in Television tonight.
  3. The President is going to speak in Television tonight.
    Which one is better among all?

The President is to speak over Television tonight.

According to me the above sentence is the most appropriate.

Can we say … on Television?


Yes, it should be “on television”. “in television” and “over television” are not correct.

“television” should not be capitalised.

Both “… is going to speak …” and “… is to speak …” are correct. In conversational English the former would be more common.

The President is going to speak on television tonight.
The President is to speak on television tonight.

There is no difference in sense? They express same meaning in every situation?


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Sometimes the “going to ” form can express a stronger suggestion of the individual person’s volition/intention, but in this particular case there seems hardly any difference in meaning. As I say, though, the “is to speak” version is noticeably less usual in conversational English, and feels more like a formal or written form.