Is this grammatically correct?


I am preparing a certificate for an English trainer. Is this grammatically correct?

Certificate of Appreciation
Awarded to
For giving your exceptional and skillful English training on “English for Everyday Use” for 4th year Microbiology undergraduate students at Faculty of Science and Technology during April 23-27, 2018.

Thank you for your correction.


Following the link,
you can find templates of Certificate of Appreciation designed for different occasions\groups of people.

My biggest doubt is whether the formula can be applied to the short-term training in question. Maybe a letter of gratitude would be more relevant.
Still if you insist, I would think of:

                   Certificate of Appreciation
 Faculty of Science and Technology appreciates
                            XX XX XXX   
 for his exceptional and skillful  training English for Everyday Use
 given to the 4th Year Microbiology undergraduate students 
                             Signer’s Title