Is this description correct?

Hi. I’m new here.

I’m trying to describe the picture. … obahn.html

Is my description grammatically correct and does it sound natural?
I’m afraid not.

Please make it better.
Thank you in advance.

This is a picture of a high-way or motor-way or Autobahn. One side is two-track way and the other side is three-track way. There is central reservation of green plants.
It is not an urban area, but rather a suburban area, because there is no buildings seen, and both sides of the highway is mountains or hills with green plants.
It is mid-day and the sky is blue with clouds. It’s sunny day.

The traffic is not so crowded.
Vehicles are keeping to the right. So it is not Japan, nor India, nor Australia, where vehicles are keeping to the left.

This is a picture of a free-way, which is a fast moving highway called a motorway or an autobahn in different countries. The oncoming traffic is travelling on a two lane carriageway while the traffic travelling away from the camera is in a three lane carriageway. There is a central reservation which is filled with shrubs and bushes.
This is not an urban area, but a suburban area or, even more likely, a countryside setting, because there are no buildings to be seen. On both sides of the highway are hills covered in trees.
The shadows show that it is not mid-day, though whether it is morning or afternoon is impossible to tell without knowing which direction the camera is facing. It’s a sunny day and the sky is blue with clouds.
The traffic is quiet light and the vehicles are not crowded. The oncoming traffic is in the right hand carriageway, so it is not Japan, India, Australia or the United Kingdom where vehicles keep to the left.

Thank you, Beeesnees, for your sentences.

This is exactly what I wanted to say.
I will check it carefully and know the difference.
Thank you again.


I checked it and learned many things.
Thank you.



That’s right. An urban area is a built-up area. In a suburban area there are still a considerable number of streets and houses. Countryside has fewer streets and houses.

Sorry - that was a typo. I meant to write ‘quite light’ as you guessed.

I got it. (I got them.)

Thank you very much.