Is there a modification on this letter

guys please i need help , is there any modification please

Dear Ms Cybulska,

I Am a final year student of financial engineering (Master’s degree) at The Moroccan school of engineering sciences RABAT.

I would like to apply for the postgraduate program ACCA PROFESSIONAL



The main thing I see is the use of caps.

“I Am” - I assume this was a typo

The Moroccan school of engineering sciences
If this is an official name of the school, it should probably be all first letter caps.
The Moroccan School of Engineering Sciences
Check to see how they do it in official documents.

ACCA Professional
or possibly
ACCA professional if “professional” is not part of the official name for the program

Maybe some others can give an opinion on whether (Master’s Degree) in parenthesis is preferred, or if some other method is better. My thoughts are that it’s OK as-is.

By the way, what is financial engineering? What kind of work do they do?


As NN said, using the formal names is important, including the formal name for your degree program. Of course in this case, the official names are in French. Perhaps @Torsten can comment as to whether they should be given just in English or in the official French with an English translation.

I think the fact that you are working on a Masters degree is too important to be in a parenthetical.

Perhaps something like this:
“I am in the final year of a Masters Degree program in …”.