Is the ability to read and write more important today than in the past?

Is the ability to read and write more important today than in the past? Why or why not? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Many countries have a law which obligates the students to go to school. It is clear that reading and writing is an essential quality to the modern person. The world is generally in peace and people need all the time to comprehend some text or just to put a few words on a sheet for paper. There have always been a variety of ways to communicate but in 21centure this kind of interaction is at its climax point.

Many scientifically and world producers of technological devices present statistics that a huge number of messages are written all the time. From any point in the world people send to their relatives a few words, for example, to report that their in safe or just because they want to say how much they love them. Therefore, writing in any forms is really important. Literate was a fortune concealed by a small group of people who lived in the recent and distant past. This community was formed mainly from priests and highly educated individuals. However, in the era of communication it is a rare fact a person who is not capable to write a letter to a friend or just a single note to inform his family. Nowadays, the number of books written is significantly higher than 50 years ago. In a contrast, 60 years ago there was only a tinny group of writers who were capable of creating stories and novels.

In addition, on an every continent in the world, except Antarctica, there are a huge number of universities. The world population is rapidly growing, therefore, they struggle to get a better education. However, it is possible to those who have the enlightenment to fulfill an exam or to create any kind of text. As a result, the ability to combine sentences which are presenting any kind of information is really important. It is clear that if you do not finish your graduation you will be in to the position to work a low paid job. It is very like your life to be revolting which is going to make people around you feels embraced. Moreover, when you reach the highest level of education- the academic you will have to overcome a variety of obstacles. They will be crucial towards your graduation. It is important to complete them due to the reason that your education is not free, for example your parents are financing your studies. No one wants to disappoint anybody so it is clear that reading and writing are going to get in use.

Moreover, the modern world is at peace. There are no longer world wars and human tragic. This leaded to the rapid development of art and science. There is a constant race between the biggest minds in our society. They have not achieved that because they were watching TV or playing computers games. These leaders and creators managed to invent something because they were being taught by books. Books, in any form, are a really important item. It is an open window to unlimited education. Any page you read will change your personality even if you do no feel it people around will see it. They are delighted because you have transformed into something better. You will be in use to the society. There is quite big possibility to become just like the persons you have heard about.

Thus, no one is born with the ability of to read or write. After its birth the human organism is able to perform just a small number of operations. Many great minds have found the great use of writing and reading and developed it one of the most important things in our world.

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