is sick/was sick or ill

My friend doesn’t come to the office because he’s sick.

Someone ask me about me about him, and I answer :

  1. He is sick
  2. He was sick
  3. He was ill

What’s the correct answer?

If your friend is still sick, and someone asks you why he has not come to work today, then you should say “he is sick/ill.” If he did not come to work , say,yesterday, and someone asks you why he did not come to work, then the answer is: he didn’t come yesterday because he was sick.

He is sick -now
He was sick some time ago - but now he is well.

Thanks Natasha.

Any time:)

With smart Natasha, I totally agree,

In such clarity an answer should be.

Well chosen words, meticulous structure,
As easily perceived as a clear-cut picture.

“Iraqispeare” :slight_smile:

Is that the Australian expression for not at all!, don’t mention it!, it is quite all right!
In America they say you’re welcome as my dictionary says and I have to trust my dictionary as I am Swedish.

I don’t think it’s Australian:):slight_smile: I said You are welcome before, so I just did not want to repeat myself. “Any time” means that I am always ready to help or you can ask for help any time. It is more informal than "You are welcome or Don’t mention it.

A special Thank You goes to Kamal for his Ode to my explanation:):slight_smile: I am hounored:):slight_smile:

Who on earth is Kamal, and how does he/she look like?? Has anyone heard of this member’s name? For me, I haven’t.

Natasha, please, make sure you mentioned the right name. :slight_smile:

I am so sorry… there was a mistake. My speacial Thank you was meant to go To Iraqispeare!!! :slight_smile:

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
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Dear Rosario
It is clear and simple Question

Hello Azhdar,
It’s simple question but I have made a wrong answer when I received a call.

Now it’s clear since Natacha explained on this forum. Thanks Natacha.

Thank you so very much, Natashaspeare. :slight_smile:

Dear Mostafa, you are most welcome, but can you tell me why you are writing in installments?? :slight_smile: