Is or are? (The rich and the poor is/are...)

Please choose “is” or “are” or both are correct?

a/ In fact, A and B is/are one company.
In fact, A and B is/are two different companies.
b/ The good and the devil is/ are…
The rich and the poor is/are…


Are you serious don’t know what to choose :shock:

If so, I think you have to go to an institute to start learning real English. :lol:

However, since you post , here are the anwsers:
a are
b The good and devil are
and so on…



You’re right. All of my questions are from my life when working. For those I don’t post here, I can find in the dictionary or ask my friends that are also foreigners.

You know, when I ask my friends these questions, they smile and tell me they can’t explain because they use these words like a habit even they are English.

So, I post these questions here in the hope of finding the rule. :smiley:


Please don’t take it seriously. It was only a joke. I was just kidding :oops:. I really didn’t mean anything. I my-self always willing to help.


Yes, I never take it seriously.


a/ A+ B = one. So, I think “is” is correct.
A+ B = two. So, I think “are” is correct.

b/ Normally, we say: The good is
The rich are
Besides: the good (UN) + the devil (UN) = Uncountable noun.
the rich (CN) + the poor (CN) = Countable noun.

Thus, I think, the good and the devil is
…, the rich and the poor are

Please correct me if I am not right.

NB: You see what I mean, Bara? Sorry,I have no time to write in detail. :?

Since you are talking about tow things (weather good, devil, rich and poor or any tow or more things), you have to use are. But if you want to talk about anyone in specific you can use is, for instance, The poor is a real problem, nowadays.

Upon my poor knowledge, all these words (the good, devil, poor, rich) are uncountable nouns.


Hi Khanh

a/ In fact, A and B are one company.
In fact, A and B are two different companies.
b/ The good and the devil are
The rich and the poor are

It’s best to think this way:
1 + 1 = 2 … (2 or more = plural!)

One uncountable thing + one uncountable thing = 2 uncountable things = plural

“The good” when used to refer to people is plural:
Only the good die young.

Hi Baraa

In this sentence “poor” is incorrect. Either you can write:
The poor are a real problem nowadays. (poor = poor people)
Poverty is a real problem nowadays.

When used to refer to group of people, the good, the poor, the rich, the evil etc. are all grammatically plural.
The rich live in mansions and drive expensive cars.

The word devil is singular and countable. “There were three devils at the Halloween party.