"Is" or "Are" Confused

which sentence is correct?

Attached to this email IS my cover letter and resume.


Attached to this email ARE my cover letter and resume.

Thank you

is - singular
are - plural

…but I suspect you already know that. Your example is one of those instances where in modern English both will frequently be seen. It can be argued that the ‘cover letter’ and ‘resume’ combine to make one document, so the singular form is acceptable.
Having said that, I see that as two distinct things being attached to the e-mail, so I would use ‘are’.

thank you for your help

Hi…just want to know…why we not refer to “email” rather than refer to “cover letter” and “resume”…usually we suppose to use “email (singular) is”…and “emails (plural) are”…

Thank you

The verb refers to the documents (plural) that are being attached to the (singular) e-mail.

Thank you…