Is it time for our coffee break?

Is it time for our coffee break? (*) work meeting (*) short break from work (*) workshop

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Interestingly enough, most Germans say “let’s make a break” because they translate from German directly. That’s why I don’t get tired pointing out that native speakers either “take a break” (especially our British friends like @Alan) or “have a break” especially our north American friends like @tim_m, @RyanBell, @Steven_Slaughter , @Donnyrachy1


Hi Torsten,

As an extra comment on ‘break’, let me add the expression - Give it a break. You say this simply to tell someone to stop talking about a topic. And we also say - Put a sock in it.


Hi Alan, thank you very much for sharing that expression with the sock as it is a new one for me and probably many other learners as well. I think lots of problems could be solved if we follewed the advice of putting a sock in it :sunglasses:.


This one was not new to me. I’ve heard many times. Any idea why? :smiley:

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