Is it mandatory or optional the 'he'?

Hi teachers,
Peter got up early on Saturday morning. First, he shaved and took a shower. Then he got dressed.
After that, he went downstairs to the kitchen and switched on the radio.
My question: Is it mandatory or optional the blue ‘he’? To me, if I exclude from the sentence what is in parentheses, it is mandatory.
What did Peter do before he went downstairs?
(Before he went downstairs) [color=blue]he got up, shaved, took a shower, and got dressed.

Thanks in advance.

That ‘he’ is mandatory if you wish the answer to be a complete sentence. If you are happy to accept an abbreviated form of answer, where the student does not write in complete sentences, then it can be left out. If it is accepted without the ‘he’ then you should not use the part in parentheses.

In the context itself, you could remove the ‘he’ from before ‘got dressed’ IF you used a comma instead of a full stop after ‘shower’ (so that the standalone sentence ‘Then he got dressed’ became part of the previous sentence).

Hi Beeesnees,
Thanks for your reply and additional detailed comments. They are really great!