Is it easier to be a success in the past?

Hi all, please correct my essay and score it! Thank you!

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is easier to be a success in the past.

Nowadays, some people considered that it is easier to be successful in the past. However, other people hold the different view that it's easier to be successful in today. In my opinions, I agree with that it is easier to be success in today than in the past. There have some reasons to support my point of view as the following.

First of all, the professional ability and knowledge are two of the key factors of successful. Today, we have a considerable of information. During the era of information explosion, we can more accessible to gain the professional ability and knowledge through the Internet, libraries, and so on. Thus, we could build up our professional ability and knowledge in today easier than in the past.

In the second place, we have a lot of models to learn. In the past, there have had several successful people, and they were our models. Based on their experiences, we not only learn how they achieved the success but also avoid what they ever made the mistakes. Therefore, we could apply their experiences and create ourselves success.

Finally, when we break the records, we are successful. Take the athletes for example. There have amount of records in the athletic fields. If one athlete were broke a difficult record, he or she will become famous. Then, he or she is successful.

To sum up, we could approach the success more easily, because of that we can more accessible the professional ability and knowledge, that we have many models to learn, and that we have several records to break. Therefore, I agree with that it is more easily to be a success in today.

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Hi Lynnctc,

Firstly, welcome to this forum. Generally, your essay, grammar and vocabulary are quite good. However, it could have been even better if you could avoid some repetitions and basic mistakes. I made some changes (in capital letters) as above. Please check it out. Those are my suggestions. :slight_smile:

Besides, your ideas are a little concrete and not very persuasive to me (personally). You should work more on your conclusion, too.

Anyway, no matter what negative or positive comments you may receive, keep on writing! Looking forward to your next essays.


Thank you for your suggestions, I’ll keep on writing!

Lynn, to begin with, your topic title is incorrect. You have two choices:-

  1. Is it easier to become a success today than in the past ?

  2. Was it easier to be a success in the past ?

If you don’t get the topic title correct, then the whole essay is a waste of time.


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i think , don´t make relevant your past time , only face today

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One day I hope to meet you
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For you were, by far, the very best
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Well done Mohammad. You deserve every success.