Is it correct?

I read in such forums of learning English one of them write under the title ; how to use preposition the sentence number 1 and has said; it is the correct sentence.
1-Take your shoes off of the bed.
but I say: Take off your shoes out of the bed.
which one is correct.
I did’t see all of my life using two conjunction one after the other directly. Do you agree with me , I see it is not reasonable… thanks

The example you saw in the book is accepted in US English.
It is not a standard form in British English and I would say ‘Take your shoes off the bed.’

Your sentence is not correct.

For ‘Take your shoes off the bed.’,
can I say : ‘Take your shoes from the bed.’?
‘Take out your shoes from the bed.’?
Please comment.

Take your shoes from the bed - well yes, I guess you can say it, but Beees has given you the best alternative that is most often used and most readily understood. “Take your shoes off the bed.”

Take out your shoes from the bed - grammatically ok, but it sounds like you have taken your shoes off and hidden them under the covers of your bed. That’s probably not what you had in mind.

I would like to thank you. Your answer is the accurate one

Is an airoplane taking off Gatwick or taking off at the Gatwick at the moment or how to say it? Thanks


i would suggest: taking off from Gatwick at the moment.


And I would suggest: aeroplane …(or I think it’s airplane if you’re US or Canada)

Aeroplane, of course.

Actually my intention was to write “aircraft”, then I switched to “airliner” then at length to “aeroplane”.
But the second switching happened at a moment when I already had typed “air”.

Anyway, thanks for the suggestion.