Is Germany ready for the future?


It just occurred to me that ‘Zukunft’ – the German word for ‘future’ is playing an important role in Germany’s economy. For example, here are three current slogans of three German companies (well, Opel is not exactly a German company any more, is it?)

  1. Opel – die Zukunft gehört allen (The future belongs to everyone).
  2. Volkswagen – Wir bringen die Zukunft in Serie (I have no idea how to say this in English.)
  3. Siemens – Die Zukunft zieht ein (The future is settling in.)

Incidentally, I think the German economy is facing a rather tough future for various reasons.


Number 2 could be - We are bringing you the future in stages.



And this company claims to build the future while others are just working. It’s obvious that the Germans are a futuristic nation :slight_smile:.