is 'flowrate' a word?

or it should be ‘flow rate’?

And I also have another question about the space.

Do we use space between a number and a unit? For example,
This ruler is 30 cm long. / This ruler is 30cm long.

Yes, but I think some scientists would have a tendency “merging it”

The first, if you are going to write anything formal. The second it’s just net slang or used for other practical reasons.

  1. The expression could be ‘flowrate’.

  2. 30 cm is better than 30cm in technical wrting as has been already pointed out. Just two exceptions: % and °F/C: 95%; 32°F.

Thanks, Ben and Haihao.

You are welcome, High Mountain (am I right?). :slight_smile:

ni zhidao de tai duo le.

Duo Xie!