Is Europe too lenient with sentencing convicts?

My question is the same: Is Europe too lenient with sentencing convicts?

Hi Molly,

what sentence should be preferable for a 73 years old (possibly mental distorted) man? And does his daughter benefit from any punishment for her father at all? I think, being imprisoned will assure the rest of the world against additional cruel manners of him. Of course, if you think of revenge he definetely must have been sentenced to death, but who might be helped by that?

If he gets imprisoned for 15 years he surely can spend the rest of his life thinking through his crimes and I think, this can be hard enough.



I think, after reading the article,… that Europe is entirely too lenient. It is up to 15 years for any one… for any number of rapes on a any number of women prior the sentencing…

So for example, if there was a guy who over a period of two or three years raped 40 women ((possibly infecting them with AIDS or other stds and/or impregnating some of them)) he would still receive up to maximum 15 years in prison (regardless of his age) of which he would be likely to serve somewhere between two and twelve years.

The age of the accused here is immaterial… the age of the accused (and the fact that the deed was done on his own daughter) only attracted media attention

But will he do 15 years, or will he be released earlier?

Mentally, maybe.

I´d assume that yet the fact that he is jailed will remind him to what´s his guilt. If not or if he remains thinking that he wasn´t mistaken or he weren´t able to see what has been wrong with his behave there wouldn´t be any punishment that will enlighten him. Not even chopping off his balls or tossing him into a vat filled with excrements.

How long, do you think, will he remain alive? Possibly he will not survive the next 15 years so if he would be released earlier with his feet in front only?

Everything that might be done is to help the daughter and the concerned children to return to a normal life as far as this is possible. And to be honest, I can imagine that the daughter might think of revenge. The problem is that revenge will not help her. And the mentally satisfaction won´t surely last long, at least I can´t imagine that.

This one case is in Austria , every country is a little different about law.
The death is in the situation some kind of reward not any punishment, but jails could be in Europe a bit more tough because criminals started to get used to go there as for vacation some kind of necessery break between their “professional projects”.


But the Americans and Iraquis took revenge against Saddam and they seem mentally satisfied, don’t they? Maybe mental satisfaction is enough.

To be honest, I don´t think that killing Saddam isn´t any kind of revenge but their way to show strength. And the satisfaction for the so called punishers was that they were able to catch him (what a great success !!!) and they had been mighty to bring him from life to death (quite objective). A big sign to all the other “terrorists” ! They just claimed some satisfaction about his death since it was easy to justify Saddams execution to the peoples soul and to make clear they were right conquerring the Iraq.

But that is quite another issue than you initially mentioned in this topic. What punishment would you prefer for people like Fritzl?

Permanent imprisonment.