Is English language an easy language?

The very things that make English easy in the early stages, like the absence of many things that require learning rules, are also the ones that make it difficult in the higher levels, where there are so many little points to remember.
Just as many English speakers take pride in the eccentricities and complexities of English, many like to think of their tongue as particularly difficult.
I think the error in its perception of being “an easy language” comes from those who find grappling with the very elementary stuff ok and quite straight forward. When you start ascending to the advanced levels it becomes a very different subject all together!

I think that’s right! , cause people always find easy something like it and make a prosper in it
The lone obstacle is when we say “I can’t” or more “I can 't do any thing”

I think that basic English is very easy to learn. The problems start when you have to come to grips with what the grammarians think is important.

What with their split-infinitives and their dangling participles, but perhaps I would say that simply because I am dumb when compared against their stringent grammatical standards.

Additionally I would think than less than 20% of the whole population of Britain, or the English speaking world could measure up to their required criteria.

Just say what you want to say, slowly and distinctly, and stop worrying as to whether your participle is dangling for all to see.


I agree with Kitos!

Also I think there is nothing difficult with learning English language, if you have desire and you can manage your time for practicing and learning. I’m a bad example in this case. During last month I’ve learned nothing from grammar :frowning: