Is "deal with" correct?

My friend works in Quanlian Industrial (Taiwan). Yesterday, he said on Whatsapp: He needs to deal with food imported from Japan because of his job. He knows something about food contaminated in Japan’s nuclear disaster area. Share with you!

Is “deal with” correct in the above text?



“Deal with,” according to the Oxford Dictionary of English, means “take measures concerning (someone or something), especially with the intention of putting something right”. So it is used concisely and adequately in the original text. There are lots of specific ways or skills to deal with food contaminated by all means.


To me, the phrasal verb ‘deal with’ does not appear to be appropriate.
We have two expressions ‘deal with’ and ‘deal in’. While the former refers to handling a situation created by someone or something, the latter refers to trading which is related to goods.
In the given case, ‘He needs to deal with issues connected with the food imported from Japan.’ would be better. (In my view, ‘dealing with food imported from Japan’ is slightly different from my version of it)