Is BS/Nabil a forum troll that needs to be banned for good?

Do you want us to remove BS/VW from the forum?

  • Yes, he should have been removed long ago.
  • I don’t know what or who BS/VW is.
  • Instead of banning him we should simply ignore him.

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Hello everyone,

Our forum has been alive since September 2003 and so far we have had to ban only very few users. As you can imagine, banning somebody is a drastic measure that requires a fair amount of deliberation.

Now with this particular case I’d like to hear your opinion. I’m referring to a Vietnamese user who initially started posting as Vietanhpham_Winter until he got banned. Then he re-registered as ‘Idiot’ and got banned again within a few hours. A while later he registered again as ‘Blue_Snow’ (BS). It didn’t take long until I had to ban him again.

After that he sent me numerous emails asking me to get reinstated and ensuring that he had learned his lesson and telling me he would change his behaviour. Unfortunately, he seems incapable of improving and the only way to stop him from trolling is to ban him again. This time for good.

“So”, you might ask, “if you are going to ban him anyway, why should we take part in this poll”? Well, I thought the discussion might be interesting to the rest of our community because it helps us come up with rules of conduct and define boundaries. If I ban him again quietly some of you might ask themselves what happened to him. Some of you might be uncertain as to what exactly it was BS did wrong.

If you want to find out more about this issue, you can read this: We very rarely ban a user…

So the question is: Do you want us to ban BS? (no pun intended, BS stands for ‘Blue_Snow’.)

Many thanks,

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Best way to get rid of a troll is to ignore him, don’t reply to any of his posts.

Trouble is Boke, too many people are prepared to give him/her another chance.
I personally would have banned him/her weeks ago. The guy/girl is a menace. He/She has seen fit to disagree with all teachers on this entire Forum at one time or another.
He/She answers a question with a question. This is the classic response of a nutter!

Hi Torsten ,

Thanks for your democracy , I read many spam posts by him !!

I’m a moderator for a forum and when I see such Irregularities I don’t hesitate for a second to ban it’s owner .

That was nice from you to have our opinion . For me banning him/her will be good for him/her and us


Hi Guys,
Now I can see clearly why he is banned. At first, as I was a new learner, as when I didn’t know what his wrongdoing is, I was so worry and busy asking myself who the next is. I don’t want to be the one, so I keep asking here and there. However, the disclosure of this incident might make some of us restless. On the other hand, simply ignoring his posts is also ignoring to look after most members/users/learners. From my point of view, regarding the principle of justice, to get rid of him will produce the most good for the most people. Thanks for listening my opinion. I do apologize if I make mistake. Lina

After logging on today and seeing at the top of my list yet another request for this forum to act as VW’s (BS’s) personal dictionary, I would like nothing more than to see this nuisance gone for good.

no worries :slight_smile:

Hello Ambivalent.Lurker,
Thanks so much for correcting my writing. :slight_smile: Wish you the best. Lina

No Problem Lina - Were shall I send the bill? :slight_smile:

Lurker, you should make part of the english-test staff taking control of this section of the forum.

Thanks for that Tom… but lose my “Maverick” status? - “No way José” :slight_smile:

Kitos and Tosten sometimes have different opinions but they never get in a conflict. You’ll pass for a probative period, after that you’ll be asked about your permanence in the staff. Very simple.

The role of a moderator is to encourage and not to confront Tom. We can only do this in a pleasant and non conflictive way. Torsten has behaved in a gentlemanly manner toward this individual, and yet he completely ignored the request asked of him. If, and when this person is finally barred, they have nobody to blame but themselves. I think Lurker, like I, would have been far more aggressive toward this person.

He/She would be far better off spending the rest of his/her life on Wikipedia.

Hi Kitos.
I admire you and Tosten for your easygoing style. What I was trying to say to Lurker is that: if you are a moderator you’ve to treat people with respect and accept their opinions and points of view, but you are also free disagree or to oppose them in any specific matter.

Hello Lurker,

Do you see the picture of your profile? That’s my answer :smiley:
Yet, I hope you keep checking my posts and correcting them :smiley:
Wish you the best. Thanks. Lina

Hello Lurker,

You see the picture of your profile? That’s my answer :smiley:
Thanks anyway. Wish you luck. Lina

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