Is a "consistent bias" still a bias?

“When theories formerly considered to be disinterested in their scientific objectivity are found instead to reflect a consistent observational and evaluative bias, then the presumed neutrality of science gives way to the recognition that categories of knowledge are human constructions.”

I can’t understand the highlighted part of this sentence. I wonder what would be a consistent bias?

Hi cooliegirly,

A consistent bias suggests a never changing bias whatever the circumstances. This could be compared to a consistent prejudice, a fixed idea as when people form a point of view skewed in one direction or bias that never adapts or is reviewed in the light of what happens. Usually consistent has a positive connotation as in the sort of comment made by a schoolteacher describing a student as making consistent progress - progress that always remains. But in your example when linked with bias, it suggests that that this bias is rigid and unchanging in a perjorative sense.


Thanks. May I understand it as consistent has the meaning of constant? Maybe?