Examples for irony:

  1. She is as tender as a steal rod.
  2. His approach is as smooth as sandpaper.
  3. The reception awarded to our leader is as warm as ice.
  4. I tried the whole half of the dessert to find how sweet it is but it is disgusting.
    So if you all like, take the balance half or leave it to me to finish it.
  5. He is a shoemaker who always suffers for want of shoes.
  6. It is something like a fire station burning down.
  7. They call this water potable and it is as clear as mud.
  8. Today the weather is as cool as a summer day in the Middle east.
    Please correct all.

Do you understand what is meant by ‘irony’ in these examples?

  1. steel - spelling.

  2. is not worded very well. I suggest.
    I tried half of the whole dessert but I think it is disgusting, so if you don’t want to eat the other half, leave it for me to finish.