Introduction: My name is Fabrice and I'm from France...

Hello, it is my first time here, my name is Fabrice and I’m from France. I’ve been learning english for a long time and I would like to improve to work and travel.
It’s really great to find this place and to have the possibility to communicate with all of you on this forum.
Like I said on my signature, I would like to be a world citizen and I hope to be on a good way for that.


Comment vas-tu?

It is nice to see you here. You won’t have trouble learning, because French and English are nearly the same.


: o)

nearly the same.))… not so easy, but thank you for your encouragement

Hi, Fabrice!

I am glad that you are very much interested for improving your skills by that way, what is it that you would like to improve in English?

Hi,im new and i would like to make new friends…so how are things here? you have a myspace i would like to make more friends so if you can awnser me and give me youre myspace please!!!

Hi dear Fabrice,
this is Joao Fonseca, from Brazil, i also like to get in touch with people from other culture. if i could be of any help. I do send english tips to many friends around the globe and some of them are from this site. how about you ? are you up to get them?

Hello Fabrice! I tried to reply to your personal message to me but the rule says I can’t send any PM’s yet…not until I have posted at least 5 messages in this forum already.

In fact the PM I tried to send you just got deleted. Anyways…i agree with you…it’s nice to make friends around the world…specially so since computer technology has made the world seem smaller so that people like you and me…who are in opposite ends of the planet can now easily communicate with each other.

We’re certainly luckier than those who came generations ahead of us, don’t you think so? About travelling…you’re right…it can really be expensive. Besides, a working guy like you would really need to plan properly for a vacation.

I hope that you could make use of the work holidays in your country to be
able to go on a trip sometime this year.

Well…that’s all…gotta sign off here. Do hope you could drop me a line again sometime. Be well.


Hi Fabrice,Joao,Mirindaismine
my name is Mina I’m from Egypt you are most welcome with us .
i wish all of you a good luck in world cup…


Hi Fabrice,
very nice to meet you.
I’m Soumeya from Tunisia, I like this forum not only because it is a good way of learning more English, but also, because it gives us the opportunity to know people from all over the world.
Personally, I’m an English teacher in Tunisia and I always look forward to learning English as much as possible.
By the way, I like French very much and I’m good at it.
Glad to meet you again and keep in touch

Hi Fabrice, how are you doing?
Sorry for answering you late. Well, I’m fine, working as usual, that’s why I don’t always find the time to read my messages.
Anyway, I’m glad to receive from you.
Have a good time.

Hello, Fabrice! I’m Wendy from China. It’s very nice to know you!
Glad to be your friend.
Best wishes!
(p.s. I like your country very much.)