Introduction: I'm Sarah. I have BS in Electronic engineering and now...

Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m 25 years old. I have B.S in Electronic engineering and now I’m working in a telecommunication company.I’m married. I’m from Iran. I’m interested in English language, actually I love learning English language and I’ve spent learning English language continuously since 4 years ago and now I have diploma in English language from Kish Institute; but I think I need to practice more to speak fluently. If I don’t spend enough time to revise English, I will forget everything I learned very soon. So I’m interested in communicating with every body likes English. :slight_smile:
best wishes

Thank you very much Ms.Sarah.This is Sumbal.I am from Pakistan.I have done M.Phil in Economics.I have been working jobs related with research.Nowadays I am doing no job and concentrate on improving my English and going to take toefl in the near future.I am single and 30 years old.Thank you sarah.See you soon
Miss Sumbal Riaz