Introducing: I am Yeongheon from Daegu in South Korea (using the present simple)


I am Yeongheon from Daegu in South Korea. This is my third or fourth time to be on the Forum. This time I will introduce myself in more detail in response to the latest lesson by Torsten about the present simple. (Am I doing right, Torsten?)

Currently, I have been studying in hope of becoming a school teacher - an English teacher as you might guess. This coming November I will take an examination administered by the government to hire public school teachers. After my graduation scheduled for next February, I will be elligible to teach English at school though. To teach at a public school in Korea, you need to pass the exam.

After my master’s course, I worked for the Korean government as a press coordinator for about five years. I worked with foreign correspondents based in Korea and visiting for their certain coverage. It was a great fun to meet those dynamic people. Now I am back in my hometown, Daegu, to teach English! While working in Seoul, I took an intensive five-month TESOL course, which helped me determine to become an English teacher.

As a would-be English teacher, I realized that there are many many things to learn about the language and teaching it. So I hope people in this Forum will help me out.

Thank you for listening to me. And I would like to make friends here.
Bye for now!

Best regards,

Dear Yeongheon,

Many thanks for your interesting introduction. If you like, you can take a look at this page and let me know what you think.

Best regards,

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