Introduce myself: I come from Cameroon, but I am actualing living in USA.

I come from Cameroon, but I am actualing living in USA.
I dont get out a lot, and I speak french at home, so I dont have really time to practice speaking and to improve my vocabulary.
However, I think that my English level is Intermediate.

When I take a look at my difficulties in English, I see

Some difficulties with English pronunciation

Poor pure English vocabulary, in fact I use a lot of words that origins are from French


and so many others that I forget.

thanks for all this.

have a nice day.

I think French and English have the same structure. So may not fall in the trap of negative transfer when you go back to your French to speak or write in English. As you may know, when one is learning a language, he/she always go back and seek help from his/her first language when writing or speaking. If the structure of his/her first language is totally different from the language he is learning (as in the case of Arabic and English, for example), the learner will come up with a sentence like this: “my car’s father” instead of “my father’s car”. The word order in Arabic is different from the one in English. “My car’s father” is Arabic whereas “my father’s car” is English. Therefore, Arab learners of English would have some problems while learning English. You won’t have those problems, because the word order in French is similar in English. : o)

I think French people have difficulties pronouncing ‘the’ ‘them’, etc.

Your knowledge of French will really help you in learning English.

Good luck.

: o)