Intonation and meaning

dear friends
hi i m ur new friend from pakistan.plz help me to understand how intonation change meaning thanks

Hi Salimkhan,

Intonation (and punctuation) can change the meaning. I could only think now about two cases.

For example:

  1. The teacher left his students feeling very depressed. (the students felt depressed)
  2. The teacher left his students, feeling very depressed. (the teacher felt depressed)

Another example with question tags. When the intonation is rising, you ask a question; you are not sure and you’re waiting for the answer.

E.g. -----A: I met a handsome man, Mike, at the party yesterday. He is your brother, isn’t he? B: Yes, he is.

If the intonation is dropping, you already know the answer and this only a stereo-typed phrase.

E.g. ----- Mike should have helped you. He is your brother, isn’t he?

I hope my explanation is clear.