Interview with Police Captain Lewis …

TOEIC listening, talks: Traffic report for Interstate 55 and Highway 44

Hi, all

The interview with Police Captain Lewis gives us such interesting information about an American Police Department, that I’m tempted to compare it with what we have, but I’ve just realized that I don’t know anything about the Police department of my town :frowning:

I was pleased to find out what its structure is, who can be a police officer, how much they are trained for everything, how they work, what equipment they use, etc. The most interesting was to find out about sheriffs. Does this function still exist in all states or just in some of them? I didn’t know that a sheriff still has so much authority in a county and that he is elected.

I also liked Captain’s message addressed to all the people of the town in the end of the interview, and I think it suits people from everywhere: the Police is there for people and it needs to be asked for help.
I didn’t understand everything he said but I made an idea anyway, and I find the interview very interesting. I think I should read it a few more times.

Many thanks.