Internet computer/ Internet connection

Hi everyone,

Can you say, when you go to your local library for instance:

  • Do you have an internet computer or internet computers?

  • Do you have an internet connection or simply
    internet connection?

  • Do you have a computer with internet connection?

Is it correct to say: - I want to spend some time on the internet.

Please, correct me if I am wrong.


“Do you have internet ?” - is the simplest/everyday usage sentence.
“Do you have internet for computers ?” - is the elaborate one. I’m not sure if this is in usage.

“I want to use Internet for some time” - We say like this here in India (if it’s a cybercafe/public place in which pay-and-use concept is implemented.


Thank you Suresh.

“Do you have an internet computer?” is intelligible but not terribly natural to me.

“Do you have an internet connection?” is good English. However, it wouldn’t necessarily be clear that you were asking if they had computers that you could use yourself.

“Do you have a computer with an internet connection?” is OK. To make it completely clear what you are asking, you could add “… that I can use”.

“I want to spend some time on the internet.” is OK.

Some people, including me, prefer to capitalise “Internet”. Others use lowercase.

“Can I use the Internet here?”
“Is there public Internet access here?”

However, this may not make it completely clear that you want to use one of their computers, as opposed to using their wireless Internet for your own device, say.

True, but there’s no rule that uyou cannot ask a follow up question.

Thanks Dozy and Beeesneees, but Beeesneees, what is a follow up question?


Another question.

Is there public Internet access here?
Do you have a computer I could use for that?

Thanks Beeesneees!

For me - the below is nice and the simplest, because generally our questions are context dependable.
Generally, we (humanbeings - unlike robots/computers) interpret sentences based on the context / environment.

“Can I use the Internet here?”