Integrated Parts in the TOEFL Speaking Section - Urgent!

Hello to everyone in this forum. In the integrated parts of the speaking section,we first read an essay in 45 seconds and then listen to a lecture.But i have a question here:Can we see the reading material again when we prepare for speaking? I know that in the integrated part of the writing section we can see the essay again while we are writing, but i am not sure about the speaking section. I will take the IBT soon and i’m waiting for your replies. Thanks!

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Hi there Matematician! hehe :smiley: I like Maths, too.
The answer to your question is NO. You can’t see the reading passage while you prepare your response!
have a good time, and tell me something, where are you from, or in which test center are you going to take the test?
Bye! :wink:

Hey please inform me about the good toefl test centres in ahmedabad except prometric as the date for prometric is not available.There are many other centres but i m not able to decide to which one to register into.