integrated essay

The article states that the use of one visual- spatial ability may reinforce the use of others and provides three reasons of support. However, the professor explains that a blind folded chess player can predict moves and consequences made and refutes each of the author’s reasons.
First, the reading claims that individuals call upon visual-spatial intelligence in the recognition of objects, both when the objects are seen in the original setting and also some part of the original setting has changed. The professor refuses this point by saying that a blind folded chess player plays 10 games against 10 opponents with the help of sum one announcing opponent’s last moves.
Second, the article posits that visual-spatial intelligence is a valuable asset in the society. The professor says that blind folded chess player can recall the lost move, remembers the specific time and specific strategies and why it is necessary.
Third, the article claims that individuals with visual-spatial intelligence will notice immediately when a building, painting, or face is not symmetrical. The professor opposes this point by saying that a chess player can reconstruct a chessboard if he had seen just few seconds back. We also learn that if the chess board is arranged in order he can reconstruct it, but if it is located randomly he fails to reconstruct.

TOEFL listening lectures: A lecture from a physical science class

Could you post the reading passage and the transcript of the lecture there, so I can understand what you are writing about!
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