Insulating wall (correct translation for an Iso-wall)?

Hi all!

Today, a technical drawing appeared to me. In every technical drawing is a field in which the name of the designed part is written. The name of the part in my particular drawing was translated into insulating wall. :shock: Described there was a shell made from Iso-wall profils. What I wonder is whether the translation could be correct. Could anyone give me an idea?

Yes Michael,

There are insulating walls that can contain Structural Insulating Wall Panels (SIPs). So I think it’s quite a common term and the translation is correct.
I hope you don’t mind my asking – are you reconstructing your house?


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Hi Torsten!

Thanks for your answer and sorry for my being late. Anyhow the soccer fever catches me slowly. :shock: Just at the moment the game Italy (1) vs Ghana (0) is on the run.

Really great that you know such technical expressions. But, I?m not reconstructing our house, instead of that I took a job offering, because in the one or the other way I finally have to earn a life. There that drawing came across me concerning a mechanical dryer.

Nevertheless, when I worked as a steel-constructor I had thought about building a house from steel with a shell from Structural Insulating Panels. If you like I can describe that, but it might be better at another topic.

Please let me know what you think


Hi Michael,

So those instructions and descriptions are part of your new job? That’s quite interesting. How often do you think you will have to read information in English in this job? And what about your previous job as a steel constructor, how often did you have to communicate in English then? Yes, it would be a good idea to start a new topic, maybe you can just include some technical terms and see who else knows them.

Let me know what you think,

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Hi Torsten!

In this job, I think, I won?t be used to read instructions and decribtions in English, at least not the next future, as it is a job for a few month only. In my previous job as steel-constructor I really rarely had had any chance to use the English. Learning English is an issue for the future mainly.

As technical English includes a big field of everyday?s life or profession, I?ll be excited how such a topic develops. If you don?t open it I will do it tomorrow. For this evening I intent to hit the hay soon!

But shortly back to the insulating wall, I have still another question: wouldn?t it be better in the recent sense to speak about an insulating shell?

Have a good sleep