instaed of "got"...

Please give another word instad of “got” in the following sentence please

Always avoid use of word “got”. There is usually another word which can be used to better effect

  1. He got up t eight o’clock.
  2. He got a penny from his mother.
  3. He got his breakfast early.
  4. He got bad cold yesterday.
  5. He got to the station in time.
  6. He got married last year.

He rose at eight o’ clock.
He received a penny from his mother.
He had his breakfast early.
He had a bad cold yesterday.
He arrived at the station in time.
He was married last year.

Hello, Bev

Incidentally, do you agree that we should always avoid using the word “got”?
I can’t get my head around why Ganеsh’s textbook gives such advice… I’ve never heard of such a thing.

Personally, I don’t like the word ‘got’ where it is avoidable, but I recognise that’s just me. I think Ganesh’s textbook seems to go a little too far for modern thinking, but that was the advice given a few decades ago.