Insert a suitable preposition

Dear teacher,
Please help me to check this.

Insert a suitable preposition

  1. Elephants would die out if men could shoot as many as they wish.
  2. The professor said he was interested only in research; he didn’t care about students.
  3. When we found him he was unconscious but he came round in half an hour.
  4. The old ship was towed away to be broken up and sol as scrap.
  5. Thieves broke in and stole the silver.
  6. The milk boiled over and there was a horrible smell of burning.
  7. The wind blew out the candle.
  8. This report bears out my theory.
  9. I met Tom at the party; he asked for/after you.


Yes, they’re fine. I assume you know ‘ask for’ suggests someone wants to meet you and ‘ask after’ suggests someone is enquiring about your health, well being or indeed how you are getting on.


Thank you so much! I’ll remember your explanation.