Independent Task of TOEFL - work alone or with others?

At work or school, you might encounter a problem that requires creativity -for example, you are given a task to complete that is very different from other tasks you do. In work or school situation that requires you to think creatively, would you prefer to work alone or with others? Why?


When it comes to working creatively I am certain the one who can stand out among others. I have always been chosen as the leader because of my ability in thinking out of the box. I would rather work as a part of a team instead of being stand-alone. In my point of view, the advantages of working with a team outweigh the disadvantages regardless of the circumstances you are in. Cooperating makes it possible for you to show your strength and abilities to others, you would be able to help other members and consult with them, and also if you are the dominant one, you can become the leader.

First of all, working as a group provides a playground for you to show knowledge and skills to other members and to your employer or professor. Therefore, you would become the renowned person who would be offered many opportunities in the future. For instance, back in college, we had to pass a practical course about Database Theory. The professor did not make it rigid for us, and let us decide whether we wanted to work together or independently. I chose to work with a group. Since I had previous research regarding the field, I stood out from the group and the professor was impressed by my understanding of the subject. Later, when I was graduating, the professor offered me a position as a researcher in his own company. If that day I had decided to work alone, I would have never gained this opportunity to work in this company without any previous job experience.

Next, teamwork can be a great fortune for people who are seeking leadership skills, even when you are not competent enough you can act as if you are, hence you would benefit from its experience. By working alone it is not plausible to learn and gain anything about leadership and management, but by cooperating in a group you can show your enthusiasm and strength, so you would probably be accepted as the manager. To illustrate my point, when I was in high school I had not done anything related to management, one day my teacher asked us to make up a team to work on a challenging assignment. At first, I hesitated, but I dared and asked the teacher to announce me as the director who would be in charge. After that, I was no longer afraid of talking in front of people and stating my exceptional ideas, and it has made an impact on my life inside and outside of the school.

Last but not least, in a team, you are simply a member, you do not have to carry the whole load on your own, everything is distributed and you can ask for help when you confront any obstacle. As the result, you would not be prone to becoming distressed or anxious under work pressure. Additionally, all members would benefit from each others’ experiences. As I have mentioned, I had many distinct experiences of teamwork, in which I have learned from everyone and while I have been teaching to everyone. No one is absolutely thorough in everything, it means that everyone lacks something that can be fixed while you are inside a group of hardworking people.

To sum up, I assert that operating as a part of a team is more advantageous and everyone would be benefited from a friendly cooperation. You can show your strength, exploit the opportunity and experience leadership, or at least be helped by other members. Who would you rather become? A confident extrovert person who is admired by his friends or an obscure introvert who barely dares to express his ideas?


Hi Alirezal, wow you have written some great sentences and your vocabulary and grammar are both excellent. That said, I am not sure you addressed the prompt specifically enough. The prompt is talking about work that involves creativity or work that is different from what one usually does. You did not really address this aspect at all in your writing. Instead you gave a broader overview of the advantages in general of working in a team. Make sure to always address the prompt as directly as you can or your Task Achievement score will suffer.
Also, I wonder if your essay captured the spirit of the prompt. You seem to focus on how working in a group can help you personally, how it can make you stand out. But it seems like a more important criterion would be how well the group or the individual is able to actually accomplish the goal. It is almost as if you are saying, “I prefer to work around ignorant, inept people because they will all realize how brilliant I am and I will stand out from that motley crew.” I’m sorry, because I doubt that was the point you were trying to make, but that is just how it struck me :slight_smile:
Also, be sure to watch out for your run-on sentences. You cannot just stick together independent clauses by putting commas in between them. You must use semicolons or transition words and phrases. Here are some other specific suggestions:


Dear Luschen,
Thank you very much for taking time and making comments on my essay. I found them very useful as always.
Honestly, I have a hurdle to use transitions, connect independent clauses, and also use things such as commas and semicolons correctly.
Can you please tell me where I can find some guide about these stuff, when and how to use them?

Thank you.

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